Ten places to chill this summer in Denver

With the temperatures heating up, finding cool, fun places in Denver to beat the heat is a necessity. From the chilled out vibe and atmosphere of Laserium at Gates Planetarium to the delicious, icy treats and prime people-watching of Sweet Action Ice Cream, there is lots to do inside while taking a break from the outside.

Our Summer Guide, which hit the streets last Thursday inside the regular issue of Westword, has information on hundreds of events, as well as this list of ten places in the city to chill out. Keep reading for our picks.

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Laserium: The Cosmic Laser Concert Through August 30 Denver Museum of Nature & Science $8-$15

This summer, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science's Gates Planetarium will transform into Laserium, a precision light show and rock-and-roll experience. Beat the heat and the bright sun by stepping into the cool, dark space, and watch as laser art is created right before your eyes. The multi-sensory experience is set to the sounds of classic bands like U2, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema 7301 South Santa Fe Drive, Littleton

This Texas-born movie house offers the best of all cinematic worlds, featuring everything from brand-new blockbusters to cult classics and interactive movie events. Add in a full food menu and selection of icy-cold beverages of both the alcoholic and classic soda-fountain variety, and Alamo Drafthouse could become your warm-weather mainstay.

Sweet Action Ice Cream 52 Broadway

There are plenty of places to get a scoop in this town, but Sweet Action offers both a wide variety of amazing flavors and perfect people-watching. Try out treats like black licorice Sambuca and vegan mint chip (flavors change daily) while you sit in the spot's diner-like bar and watch the South Broadway regulars wander by.