Found Footage Festival's Nick Prueher on how-to-masturbate videos and the death of VHS

There's a lot of weird shit captured for posterity on videotape. Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett have been collecting it for 21 years, and touring the world sharing it under the name Found Footage Festival for the past eight. During that time, they've become de facto VHS historians, amassing an incredible library of bad ideas caught on cheap tape and turning it all into a hell of an entertaining show. Even after more than two decades of collecting and six volumes of material -- all available on DVD, so you can enjoy classic like Winnebago Man again and again in the comfort of your home -- Prueher and Pickett are still eagerly collecting odd tapes and culling through them for unforgettable moments.

Before they bring "Found Footage Fest Vol. 6" to the Denver FilmCenter/Colfax tomorrow, August 11, we sat down with Prueher to get an idea of what the new show holds, whether they'll ever run out of new material and how many bad tapes they have to sit through to find one great moment.

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