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The Denver sky is littered with UFOs, and magnetflipper has proof

The Catch-22 of UFO naysaying is that UFOs are the products of highly sophisticated races, built expressly so that bumbling simpletons like you and I see a commercial airline or a speck of dust on a camera. Fortunately, YouTube user magnetflipper isn't fooled. He or she has been filming aliens over Denver with increasing regularity over the past few months. Let's go to the tape, shall we?

That one was uploaded yesterday, and, as you can see... clearly an alien. Now, rather than beat a dead horse by showing you all 32-odd videos of grainy specks in motion, let's take a second and peruse magnetflipper's YouTube account. I mean, clearly this person knows plenty we don't.

Name: MAGNETFLIPPER Channel Views: 7,201 Total Upload Views: 116,381 Age: 29 Joined: Apr 13, 2010 Subscribers: 249 ANTI-GRAVITY, FREE ENERGY, TIME SHIFTING TECHNOLOGY, MATERIAL SCIENCES, LASER TECHNOLOGY About Me: Patrzę na naukę, które zostało utracone i zapomniane. I look for science that has been lost and forgotten. Я смотрю по науке, что было потеряно и забыто. Hometown: Denver, Colorado Country: United States Occupation: Electrical scientist Электрические ученый Elektrycznych naukowiec Companies: AEROSPACE Interests: TIME CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Movies: Tesla everything, John Hutchinson movies, Tom Bearden movies, John Bedini, Floyd Sweet, Howard Johnson. Music: Classical symetrical music Books: Higher Mathematics

Guys, he/she's an Electrical Scientist with interests in Time Control Technology and the ability to type in Greek Letters. If you haven't already started making your tin foil hat, IT'S TOO FUCKING LATE!

As always with YouTube, the comment threads on these videos are enough to make you want to quit society and be a hermit. For fun, here's a bunch of UFOs in battle formation over southeast Denver.