Laurence Fishburne's daughter and five other really embarrassing celebrity relatives

Laurence Fishburne is sad. It's understandable: Probably anyone would be sad if their daughter announced she was making a porno, and they'd probably be even sadder she explained it this way: "I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape." Oh Montana Fishburne, when your parental figures told you to "reach for the stars," they surely meant stars at least as classy as Lindsay Lohan, who exposes herself, sure, but only accidentally. All the same, Montana's not the first to bring shame upon her more famous relative's head. Get our top five after the jump. 05. Hutton Gibson Few things are as embarrassing as a father who is an overt anti-Semite. An outspoken conspiracy theorist and pseudo-holocaust-denier, Hutton Gibson would place much higher on this list if son Mel Gibson weren't, well, also an overt anti-Semite. La Toya Jackson Much like Montana Fishburne, La Toya Jackson desperately reached for fame with a foray into pornography when she appeared topless in Playboy in 1989. Probably the most disturbing thing about it was that, at the time, she looked disconcertingly like her brother. Ever wonder what Michael Jackson would look like with boobs? Now, unfortunately, you know. 03. Caroline Giuliani Speaking of celebrity-daughter gaffes, why, just days ago Rudy Giuliani's daughter Caroline was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from an upscale New York boutique. Rudy, we'll never 4get. 02. Bristol Palin Ah, the Palins, 'Merica's favorite backwoods circus of a family. The legacy is almost too warped to keep up with: The inconvenient time to be young and knocked up, the breakups, the makeups. But what really makes this embarrassing is Bristol's babydaddy, Levi Johnston, who has been as shameless as Montana Fishburne about his relentless fame-seeking. The best part? He's apparently planning to appear very soon in an issue of Playgirl -- as a model -- bringing our list right back around to porno. 01. Billy Carter The undisputed king of embarrassing relatives, Billy Carter most likely contributed directly to his presidential brother Jimmy's lack of a second term. Notably, he tried to jump on his brother's bandwagon by hawking his own brand of beer, and later went on to cause scandal late in his brother's term with a scheme that involved registering with the Libyan government as a foreign agent. His ultimate legacy, though, was urinating on an airport tarmac -- in front of dignitaries. Injuries were narrowly avoided when several monocles instantaneously shattered.