Menswear Mondays: Theater employee Daniel Barrett explains his on-the-go style

This weekend was filled with snow, which meant the few people who were out and about bundled up. Now the time has come for some to commence their work weeks and others to take off on spring break. During these white-washed early days of spring, we spotted Daniel Barrett, a North Dakota native who works as a floor staffer at the Regal Entertainment Group theater on the 16th Street Mall. Continue reading to find out what two vices motivate him to get dressed, who his personal shoppers are, and what his favorite accessory is.

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Name: Daniel James Barrett.

Spotted: On board the F-line Lite Rail.

Profession: I work at the REG movie theater on the Denver Pavilions. I work box office, door and floor.

Favorite film: I like Girl, Interrupted and My Girll.

2013 jam: Anything by the electronic artist Rusko.

Style inspirations/icons: I try to inspire myself and be my own icon.

Favorite color: Either green or blue.

Favorite accessory: Sunglasses.

Style mantra: I need a cigarette and coffee.

Shops at: I'm not a real big shopper, but I love the clothes that my friends and mom buy for me.

Barrett says, "I don't usually shop because I can't afford to." His boyfriend bought these loafers for him, as well as the bright green jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch. Barrett's quick breakfast consists of a sausage egg McMuffin and iced coffee from McDonald's, which he had on the Lite Rail when we spotted him. His activity echoes how modern guys are always on the go, rushing to work and eating meals along the way. "It is a lot more different here in Denver than North Dakota," Barrett says. "I used to live in Glenwood Springs before moving uptown, so I have seen a lot of people dressed very hickish and others dressed in ski gear."

Style analysis: Barrett demonstrates how men living in fast-paced cities must be prepared at all times. He appreciates the threads gifted to him from friends and family while adding his own black-rimmed beanie and aviator shades to enhance his look. They are also essential in Colorado, where it can be sunny with bone-chilling wind at the same time. He carries his breakfast and uniform with him, making sure that he is ready for the day ahead. His jacket betrays his favorite color, and it stands out against his black slacks and loafers.

Always be equipped for the work week with your fashion, Denver.