Denver Zoo's Zoo Lights is one of the best holiday lights displays in the world, says Bing

What does the Denver Zoo have in common with Jerusalem? How about with a thirty-foot tree made entirely of Legos? Or a bridge in Branson, Missouri, a city best described as Las Vegas for Christians? Stumped? We'll tell you. Bing (if you don't know what it is, Google it) included all of them in a recent top-22 list (22?) of the best holiday lights in the world.

The Denver Zoo's Zoo Lights, wherein the zoo is decorated with more than 150 illuminated animal sculptures, starts tonight and runs every night from 5 to 9 p.m. until January 2.

The zoo was No. 20 on Bing's list, behind the Brussels town hall and ahead of Walt Disney World, which is like whoa. It's also fitting, since this is Zoo Lights' 20th anniversary.

To celebrate, the zoo is giving every 20,000th Zoo Lights visitor a faaaaabulous prize pack that includes a year-long family membership to the zoo, an up-close animal experience (bow-chicka-wow) and a $100 gift certificate to the zoo's gift shop, Kibongi Market.

But how likely is it that you'll actually win? According to zoo spokesman Sean Andersen-Vie, a total of 141,000 people visited Zoo Lights last year. That means your chances of winning are ... something. We're not good at math. But we can use a calculator to divide 141,000 by 20,000, which is seven. So only seven people will win.

Still, it's better than nothing. And who wouldn't want an "up-close experience" with these little guys? A man with a cold, dead stone for a heart, that's who.

For a sneak peak of Zoo Lights, watch this video, which is set to pretty badass music. The part where the camera zooms in on the raccoon face scared us a little bit.