Do you vant to ride your bike? Join the Denver Cruisers Vampires and Zombies ride

The Denver Cruisers: You gotta love 'em. Their whole schtick is totally noncompetitive, law-abiding and aboveboard. And their weekly themed community bike rides, which are free and fun and ridden in costume, are organized solely in the name of having a good time. Nothing more, nothing less. Tonight, they'll be getting a head start on Halloween with a ve-ry, ve-ry sca-ry Vampires and Zombies ride, beginning as usual at 7 p.m. at Brooklyn's. They'll also be getting a head start on their new gig as official marshals of this year's Tour de Fat Bicycle Parade on Saturday, possibly the most colorful parade in town this side of the annual Pride Parade. Trust me, the glove fits: Decked out paraders of all ages will leave the west end of City Park at 10 a.m. for a city ride that ends up back at the park for further festivities; it's all free but you can register online for the parade and order a Tour De Fat license plate for $5 or a plate and a New Belgium Bicycle Bell for $10.