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Reader: Scalpers snagged the tickets for GABF, Book of Mormon and Mumford

What are the hot tickets in town? The Book of Mormon, of course, which opens next week but was sold out within hours of seats going on sale. And last Thursday, the Great American Beer Festival sold out in less than an hour.

But you can still find tickets for both -- at incredibly inflated prices, on ticket-broker sites and from scalpers.

Although Muyguapogrant1 snagged managed to snag GABF tickets, he's seen scalpers at work:

I fortunately got tickets. However, I was not able to get tickets to either Mumford and sons or Book of Mormon due to scalpers. Stubhub is proof. Thousands of tickets for both events for many times the asking price (seriously, the general admission Mumford tickets are going for 300).

How much would you pay to see The Book of Mormon? Mumford? And is it fair that brokers got their hands on so many GABF tickets?