It's starting to get cold and sucky outside. We're here to help

Winter is approaching. It's shitty outside. You can't go anywhere without bundling up into a bajillion layers, and where is there to even go in the city when it's so cold out? The long, carefree days of summer are behind us, and now it gets dark depressingly early in the evening. We feel your pain. To soothe it, here are a few reasons to embrace the coming freeze. Fall/Winter collection Doesn't everyone just look so adorable in cold-weather clothing? Scarves, leggings, long-johns, sweaters -- cashmere, for heaven's sake -- wool hats, wool socks, pea-coats and bum-gloves; just a few items to cherish when it's freezing out. They feel good on, and they look dashing as all hell. Plus, there's the fact that seeing less skin on people means leaving more to the imagination, which means chances are pretty good people are going to be looking better on the whole. It also means you can get away with getting a little chubbier than you could get away with during the warmer months. The holidays are a time for eating tons of delicious food and staying comfortably covered up so you don't have to feel bad about it. You have plenty of months to lose the pudge before having to take off the layers, so dig in and enjoy it.
Hot drinks Hot drinks feel so good going down the hatch don't they? But only because it's freezing outside. Hot drinks in the summer are antithetical to the whole concept of summer. Rather, they are meant to be drank as a respite from the harsh winter winds blasting across one's cheeks while one trudges stoically through a blizzard. Not to mention the fact that the sooner it gets dark, the sooner it is socially acceptable to begin drinking. Hibiscus, chamomile, espresso, hot cider: mix any of these with your favorite whiskey or liqueur -- and bam! -- your body is warm all over, both with literal warmth and the warmth of contentment that comes with knowing all is well with your world. Nothing can take your worries away quite like a sip from a stiff, steaming cup of Hot Apple Pie with a dash or three of whiskey.
Nesting When most of us wake up at noon on a brilliant August day filled with potential we feel like an asshole for not taking advantage of the sunshine and not living life to the fullest. If you sleep in until noon during the cold months, you don't have to feel bad, because it's shitty outside anyway. Turn off the alarm, curl up and soak in the warm, shameless laziness afforded to you by the freezing temperatures. Get lost in your dream world and tell your worried friends that your twelve-hour sleep regimen is a vital part of your overall psychological and spiritual health. Get a night job and never leave your house before dark.
Getting some reading done In our fast-paced world, it is often hard to make time for some good old-fashioned reading. There is always something else going on that seems just slightly more fun or more urgent with which to fill our free time. Now that it's getting colder, and darker sooner, and now that it will soon be altogether unpleasant outside most of the time, staying inside and cozy, getting lost in a good read is a far easier thing to justify. Feel free to grab some tea or some whiskey-cider and hunker down for some quality time with your favorite author. Look out your window into the bleak greyness and be thankful you're not homeless. Make a donation to your local soup kitchen. Feel good about being a good person, thanks to the cold.