Frock Out 2010: It's a circus out there!

Oh, that Chris Loffelmacher. He promised a spectacle and, by god, he delivered. Last night's Frock Out 2010 fashion showdown at the Denver Central Library rocked it hard, baby, interspersing a drop-dead battalion of strutting models with sideshow curiosities both real and imagined on the runway that stretched through the library's three-story, balconied Schlessman Hall. But the real draw lay in the hard work of the twelve aspiring Denver designers competing: Stephanie Ohnmacht, Francis Roces, Tricia Hoke, Tina Berger-Everroad, Fallene Wells, Enuma Duhu, Jose Duran, Melissa May, Kotomi Yoshida, James Silvrants and Katie Wells, who were judged by their designs for the four seasons, as well as more over-the-top entries in Designers' Vision and Sideshow categories. And it was -- Project Runway, my rear end -- a very strong showing from them all.