So-Gnar Snowboard Camp Tour and Shred Circuit contest highlights from Loveland

The burgeoning multi-media empire known as So-Gnar puts on awesome events like the So-Gnar Snowboard Camp Tour and Shred Circuit contest series, then turns around fun little video edits within days to help fuel the stoke. Last week we previewed the kickoff to the 7th annual Snowboard Camp tour at Loveland, which doubled as the second stop of the 2012 Shred Circuit series; today we've got the highlight reel (and, for good measure, the full 35-minute edit of So-Gnar's 2012 film The Good, The Bad, and the Gnarly).

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"This was our first year at Loveland, after working with Echo Mountain for the last years before it closed, and building with the resort was fun," says So-Gnar founder Pat Milbery, a pro snowboarder who lives in Golden. "The park crew up at Loveland had a super positive energy for helping us out, and the setup was super rad."

Milbery's camps are open to people of all ages, and he says the weekend crew at Loveland included kids as young as 8 as well as some of their parents.

"We had a real diverse amount of ability levels, with some real advanced riders, some beginners in the mix, and some kids getting on boxes and rails for the first time... we even taught one kid's mom how to do her first tricks on the box," Milbery says. "That diversity is what our camp tour is all about, getting all these people to come together and snowboard together. That's what snowboarding's all about, to me: all you need to do is show up and have fun."

Missed it? Milbery's taking his camp tour to ski and snowboard areas in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio over the next few months, but will be back in Colorado with a camp event at Winter Park February 2-3, 2013, and the Shred Circuit finals, also at Winter Park, on April 13. So-Gnar will also be presenting the Shredded Beats event at Cervantes on February 2, featuring Brother Ali, Danny Brown, Prof, Evidence, and local acts MTHDS and DJ Abilities.

Milbery says he's also got something special up his sleeve if it ever snows again down here in Denver.

"If we get even one good dump we're going to try to do a quick impromptu camp for free at Ruby Hill to try to stoke out some kids, so stay tuned."

So-Gnar Presents "The Good, the Bad, and the Gnarly" from So Gnar on Vimeo.