For what it's worth, The Book of Mormon gets nominated for more awards

At this point, it's safe to say that Denver locals Trey Parker and Matt Stone's The Book of Mormon is like the Titanic of musicals this year, and by Titanic we mean not the opulent ship sunk of hubris, but rather the James Cameron romantic epic from 1997 that swept every single award to the extent that it became obnoxious to hear a single other thing about Titanic that year. Fortunately, Broadway is not as obnoxiously ubiquitous as Hollywood, so hopefully The Book of Mormon won't get to that point -- but by Broadway standards it's starting to get close. After a whopping fourteen Tony nominations, the musical has been nominated for several more by the Outer Critics Circle.

The Outer Critics Circle, by the way, is a group of New York critics who write about Broadway for publications not based in New York. They also give out awards every year in categories that more or less cover the same categories as the Tonys. For this season's awards, which the organization announced today, The Book of Mormon has been nominated in six categories -- three fewer nominations, by the way, than the revival of Sister Act, which just goes to show you why nobody cares what the Outer Critics Circle thinks.

Nevertheless, it couldn't hurt. The Book of Mormon already took home all the important nominations.

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