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Reader: Cinemark wants you to have a good time in a graveyard of pain?

Two days after Christmas, victims of the Aurora Century 16 theater shootings and family members of those killed there on July 20 got an e-mail invitation to a special reopening ceremony at the facility later this month. Many didn't appreciate the invite, labeling it a blatant marketing ploy. In fact, fifteen victims and family members signed a protest letter that was sent to Cinemark -- although Jordan Ghawi, brother of a woman killed there, says calls for a boycott are "ridiculous." See also: - Aurora shooting: Jordan Ghawi, brother of victim, says boycott of Cinemark is "ridiculous" - Families of victims blast Cinemark for inviting them to the reopening

Says Chad:

I just think it is poor taste on the Corporate Monster that is Cinemark. If you read the letter, it reads just like any other publicity pump. They put up some new paint, and marque at the site of the worst mass murder scene in colorado history, and they want you to have a good time sitting in a graveyard of pain, loss, and suffering eating popcorn? Just makes me sick! I fully support the boycott.

Did Cinemark make a big mistake inviting the families to a special ceremony at the reopening of the theater? Or do you, like Jordan Ghawi, think a boycott of Cinemark is "ridiculous"? Post your thoughts below.