The Source of All Things: Boulder-based author Tracy Ross on her harrowing journey from sexual abuse victim to survivor

In 2009, Tracy Ross, senior editor for Backpacker Magazine, won a National Magazine Award for her December 2007 essay The Source of All Things, a story quite unlike any of the tales of outdoor adventure she'd previously written. The essay centered on a hike she took as an adult with her stepfather to Redfish Lake in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains, where she would confront him with questions about the sexual abuse that began there when she was a child and continued until she was a teenager. That essay has now evolved into a full-length memoir that hits bookstores today; Ross will read from and sign copies of The Source of All Things on Wednesday, March 16, at the Tattered Cover LoDo. We caught up with the Boulder-based author to ask about the unbearable weight she's been carrying on her back through her life's many adventures.