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Everyone does it: Five unintended pop-culture pot moments on TV

Last week someone forwarded me this video of a contestant on Family Feud correctly guessing "a joint" would be an answer to the question: "what is something people pass around?" Host Steve Harvey's hysterically ignorant reaction to just how popular marijuana is makes the video.

Below are four other classic unintended pot moments on TV.

"They are smoking weed, right over there!" San Fransisco is known as a bastion of liberal thoughts and ideas. Dallas is not. Watching Dallas-area reporter Newy Scruggs find out just how different the two communities are during a live broadcast outiside of AT&T park last fall made me laugh for a week.

"420, Bob." This moment is nothing new, but still one of the most amazing displays of marijuana pride in game show history. Bob "spay and neuter" Barker is clueless, but every pot smoker home skipping class watching Price is Right that day knew exactly what was going on.

"Maybe people see it as taboo still..." Despite that California's bid to legalize marijuana went to voters and failed, there seemed to be a lot of momentum behind the cause. A few nights before the election, comedian Zach Galifianakis snuck blatantly got his pot reference on the Bill Maher Show.

Tokin' with Sweet Jesus From 1951 to 1971, Lawrence Welk was the kind of bland, conservative music variety television programming your grandparents loved. Welk was known for his higher-than-everyone morals, and was known to fire musicians from his house band if he thought they weren't wholesome enough. Once, he even fired a woman on-air for putting her legs up on a desk in a sketch bit. Keeping that in mind, whoever got this "modern spiritual" past Welk's censors and onto television deserves a medal of honor (or at least a nice doobie).