Multiblazer Team Designs Custom Coats for Men and Women

Taking a wardrobe staple for both men and women to the next level is a team effort. Luc Cisna, Josh Veryser and Andy Finley have created an alternative to shopping off the rack with Multiblazer a customized, multifunctional coat that is a must-have for fall. Multiblazer team member Finley stepped away from the design table for a few minutes to answer our fashion questions.

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Westword: Tell us about yourself and your partners. Where are you from, and how did you get into designing?

Andy Finley: Multiblazer consists of a talented team led by co-founders Luc Cisna, Josh Veryser and Andy Finley. Multiblazer makes custom men's and women's blazers in Denver. The three of us met at Fort Lewis College, where we played college soccer together.

What was the first thing you ever designed/made?

The idea to start designing blazers came about when our team was inducted into our college's hall of fame. For the induction ceremony, Luc designed a blazer customized with the school's logo and colors, and it received a very positive response from attendees. We liked the idea so much that we started to purchase blazers from thrift stores and redesigning them in order to give them new life.

What inspires you?

Music, culture, fashion, groups, hobbies, lifestyle, whatever. Here at Multiblazer, we believe that your style is the best style! Our design style is not limited to one genre or theme. The blazer is just the canvas to display your individuality.

What is your take on the fashion scene in Denver. What is good, what's bad — and what needs work?

The fashion scene in Denver is really on the up and up. There are a lot of passionate designers in the Denver fashion community who collectively have helped shape our "Denver brand." In just the last three years, we have witnessed a substantial increase in the amount of local events and shows. In August we participated in the second annual Urban Nights fashion show, and this year's event raised over $100,000 for Urban Peak. Anyone in fashion has to deal with challenges if you do not call LA or NYC home; Multiblazer is no different. However, places like the Fashion Design Center Denver are an example of how the fashion community in Denver is working to establish the resources necessary to keep manufacturing in Colorado.

How did Multiblazer come to be?

Following the previously mentioned induction ceremony, we received a handful of requests to create blazers for some friends and family who were in attendance. These requests included what are now some of Multiblazer's defining elements: a custom-printed inner body lining using any artwork the client desires, contrast stitching, and embroidery. After about six months or so of refitting blazers, we came up with the name Multiblazer. The name not only identifies us, but it is also suggestive of how the product is distinct from other competing products in the marketplace. We help clients create a multifunctional blazer with a heavy dose of their personal style.

Why is a Multiblazer a great choice for a wardrobe staple?

A Multiblazer can be worn to work with a shirt and tie, then transition to happy hour with a loosened tie and end up at the club with a T-shirt and jeans...all the while fitting the dress code for the occasion and showcasing your personal style. We also make Multiblazers for groups such as weddings, fraternities and sororities, athletic teams and schools.

What is the one thing the fashion community could do to support you?

Honestly, the local fashion community has been supportive throughout our development! From having floor space at local boutiques to product development advice from FDC to working with many great local designers on different Multiblazer projects, our vision has been well-received by the Denver fashion community.

What advice do you have for those who are thinking about a career as a designer?

Be prepared to work your a** off! The fashion and design industry only gives results based on how much you put into it. Unlike a 9 to 5 desk job, there is no opportunity to just go through the motions. However, if you have the work ethic and a passion for fashion, it is a rewarding industry.

How/where can we purchase your designs?

Check us out at We are also on all of the usual suspects in the social media world. Do you have a cool idea for a Multiblazer? Contact us!

If you could choose one famous person to wear your designs, who would that be?

We would love one day to see the President of the United States wearing a custom Multiblazer, as that would be a pretty good indicator that we have "made it."