Video: Steve Spangler takes advantage of the cold to blow up more soda

After a cold snap this week brutal enough to turn otherwise burly men into simpering babies, it's finally supposed to warm up to a balmy 32 degrees today, which is at least on the cusp of not freezing. But now we almost wish it wouldn't, since we saw this video that Denver mad scientist Scott Spangler posted yesterday afternoon. Probably best known as the guy who put Mentos into Diet Coke and made a sweet geyser out of that shit, Spangler was taking advantage of the cold yesterday to explain more creative ways to, uh, blow up soda.

Spangler is, of course, a regular on 9News, where he does a weekly Science Monday spot -- this Monday's lesson was about bursting water pipes. But you know what's cooler than bursting water pipes? Exploding soda! That shit is awesome! And we got to it first -- in your face, 9News!

But Spangler's always thinking up some wacky ways to make science not so boring -- check his YouTube Channel for the whole lineup.