Today in stoke: Level 1 Productions' Eye Trip ski movie premiere at Cervantes

Denver-based Level 1 Productions takes over Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom tonight with the world premiere of Eye Trip, a "skiing counterculture" documentary that follows Ahmet Dadali, Tom Wallisch, Wiley Miller, Tanner Rainville, Phil Casabon, Duncan Adams, Adam Delorme, Josh Bibby, Parker White, Chris Logan, Mike Hornbeck, Corey Vanular, JF Houle, Henrik Harlaut, Liam Downey, Will Wesson, Jon Brogan, Logan Imlach and friends to some of the sickest spots around the globe (including some good Colorado footage). Trip out on the trailer after the jump.

Director Josh Berman and his crew made it to mountains across the U.S., with trips to Switzerland, Finland, and British Columbia for good measure.

Level 1 Eye Trip Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.

Here's what had to say about it:

"Follow the Level 1 crew as they experiment with one of the largest gap jumps ever built in Sun Valley, Idaho, hit a record snowfall in Helsinki, Finland, and harvest the vast resources of Alaska... or perhaps it's all just a lucid dream? Wake up, because Level 1 will take you on the visual trip of a lifetime. Come along for the ride!"