Breeality Bites

Five holiday party tips: Getting high, being schwasted and other dos and don'ts

While I was sitting on the toilet the other day reading a months-old copy of The Atlantic, something caught my eye in its annual "Ideas List" -- the notion that employers should hire introverts. As one of those annoying extroverts, I immediately got upset and irritated that the article wasn't about me, and began defending my extroverted self from the toilet seat to an audience of exactly no one. It's not that I think introverts aren't great, but sometimes, it seems like extroverts get a bad rap.

Later, post my internal introvert/extrovert conversation on the john, I was at a holiday party for a friend. Standing awkwardly on the sidelines with my mom and sister, I thought about how, whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, the annual holiday party season can be a long and arduous one. It's like holiday parties always go one of two ways: either they are the most epic throwdown of the century, where legendary work-gossip anecdotes are born, or they're more painfully awkward than that time you met up with someone who totally did not look at all like they did on their OKCupid profile. Regardless, I came up with some possible hints to help make your next holiday party better.

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