Robot reporter finds space friends at Lost Lake's Sci-Fi dance party

Robots, soundscapes, bleeps, bloops, futuristic rhythms, bright blue hair, time-traveling sword fighters and you better believe a ninja turtle made an appearance too. Lost Lake's usual Friday night Soulfax Remedy featuring the Fathers of Huey dance party took a Halloween-inspired turn for the intergalactic this Friday with their Sci-Fi dance party deejay-ed by Soulfax's Rett Rogers.

The Sheriff of the Moons was on hand to make sure everyone got down in the appropriate manner. And apparently there was a free Lucid Absinthe tasting from 10 p.m. to 12 p.m., which this robot reporter totally missed out on. It wasn't no thing though, because the jams were space-aged and the drinks were out of this world. Sci-Fi enthusiast Amanda Shaune said the party was, "absolutely robot." During the danceable tunes from the past and the future, and all the past's possible alternate futures -- we're talking infinite possible futures here -- a green man made an appearance, and, of course, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was played. ("Thriller" gets played in every possible alternate future.) "I'm going to have to play Thriller," said Rogers. "Everyone wants to hear Thriller." Besides that, the jams came from some little-known, ahead-of-their-time tracks dug up by Rogers from his archives. The record-spinning kept everybody's bodies moving until they turned the lights on and made everyone go home.

Soulfax will continue with DJ Rett Rogers and the occasional guest DJ spinning soulful jams almost every Friday. Check Lost Lake's Facebook for more information.