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Reader: Kevin Curry's "Face the Sun" a sunny addition to Tennyson

After months and months in the shadows of construction trucks, Tennyson Street has finally emerged, newly paved and curbed. And last Friday, Kevin Curry's "Face the Sun" a new piece of public art paid for (like the construction project) by the 2007 Better Bond Project was unveiled at 41st and Tennyson.

The sculpture is embossed with the words "Face the sun and the shadows fall behind you." But is this sculpture a sunny addition to the neighborhood? That's what we asked yesterday.

And readers were more than happy to play the critic. One called it "very cool"; another dismissed it with a comparison to the Wellington E. Webb building.

And then there's this from Jack:

Like it. Looks durable, colorful, has a statement, and creates a gathering place. All good.

What do you think of Curry's new sculpture? Join the discussion already under way here. What's your favorite piece of public art in this city? Post your thoughts in the comment space below.

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