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Random Interview: Jen McGriff

In an effort to showcase the broad character of Denver's diverse populace, Westword's own Ben Dayton is doing random interviews with random Denver residents about random topics, randomly. Today he joined Jen McGriff on a bench while she waited for the westbound 15 bus. What follows is their quick conversation concerning favorites and past lives before it was cut painfully short when she had to jump on that bus, leaving the most urgent questions of life unanswered. WW: Why do you live in Denver? JM: I live in Denver mostly because of the weather. I love it. It's always sunny, the mountains, the scenery, everything, it's just beautiful here. I'm from Cleveland, so, yeah.

WW: How long have you been living here? JM: About five and a half years.

WW: What do you do? JM: Currently, I'm going back to school at Metro.

WW: What are you studying? JM: I'm working on getting into a physician's-assistant program or nursing program.

WW: What's you favorite TV show? JM: Oh goodness, um, I love a lot of reality TV, admittedly. I love Keeping Up With The Kardashians [laughs].

WW: Do you have a favorite bar? JM: Favorite bar... to be honest, I guess, I really like Sanchos. Yes, I think Sanchos is probably my friends' and my favorite bar. We love to go there, and it's just down the street. Yep.

WW: Do you believe in past lives? JM: Past lives... like, hmmm, you know, I don't know. I always joke around about it with my friends like: 'Oh, in our past lives we must have done something horrible.' Oh, my bus is here.

WW: Oh, OK, well real quick, do you think Walt Whitman would like Eminem? JM: Who's Walt Whitman? -- Oh wait -- [And then she was gone just as quickly as she had arrived].