The deliciousness is gone: A meme is born

They are the weird little in-jokes of the Internet, phrases that for whatever reason get latched on to and paired with random images that make them hilarious. We've all seen them. Even for the casual, non-troll Internet surfer, memes pop up in the cultural consciousness and, if only for a short while, embed themselves there. Where do they come from? Who knows? They just kind of appear. And so when one has the rare privilege to witness the birth of a meme, as we did today, it was -- like the birth of a baby -- a beautiful thing, life-affirming, and also kind of gross.

As is the case with most memes, this one was born of 4chan's random board (please note, that link is really, really NSFW), a repository of internet geekery that traffics in everything from the hilarious to the horrifying. In the case of "The deliciousness is gone," whether it was a troll (someone just fishing to get a reaction out of people) or a real, actual thing that happened to someone, here's how this one got started. Today or yesterday (it's hard to be certain, because people repost stuff that's successful), someone posted the following thread, asking /b/ (as 4chan's random board is known) to analyze his dream:

Dreaming that I'm a tank commander during the WW2. We are somewhere in the forest at night, waiting for orders. Suddenly we get ambushed, out tank is disabled, and i order everyone to bail out. We run into the forest in hope to escape the attackers. After hours of hiking we find a cabin with lights on. I knock on the door. It is Adolf Hitler who opens, i cant believe my eyes. He invites us in, and asks if we want some food. As we dine, i spot something on my shirt. When i look at my fellow comrades, i find to my horror that they turned into giant ice cream cones. Hitler has an insane look in his eyes, and jumps one of my crew and starts eating him. I am paralyzed in shock. As he finishes eating he looks at me smug and goes "The deliciousness is gone" Then i wake up in cold sweat. True fucking story.

If you're not familiar with how 4chan works, people can post whatever they want anonymously. If there's not much interest in responding to the post, it disappears, but if a lot of people respond, it gets "bumped" for a while to the top of the results -- much like a hot topic in a search engine.

In this case, something beautiful happened: Some brilliant, witty nerd somewhere in a cubicle or his parents' basement paired that phrase, "the deliciousness is gone," with a photo of Hitler -- and boom: A meme was born. Thousands of other nerds latched on to the phrase and made their own pairings, some weird, some not that funny, some so brilliant it's kind of mind-boggling. Here's a couple we just made up on our own.

In only a few moments, it was over, and the thread got 404'd (or "lost" -- so many threads get posted so constantly on the board, even the most successful get discarded after only a few minutes of life). But because nothing ever dies on the Internet, it'll come back. Unknown thousands of geeks have already copied the original post, and it will be posted again, and again, and again. And when it does, just remember: You heard it here first.