Breeality Bites

The lunchbox purse: hardly functional, subjectively beautiful, totally '90s

From 1993 to 1996, I carried a lunchbox as a purse. Now as an adult who carries what I call a Mary-Kate bag -- a black hole/abyss that holds keys, a liter of water, a wallet, various snacks, a change of clothes, a collection of Nora Ephron essays, a reporter's notebook, 700 pens and a ho-on-the-go kit complete with toothbrush and a full face of make-up -- I can't imagine carrying around a small metal box that holds everything I could possibly need. But in honor of Paileontology: Vintage Lunch Box Exhibit happening at Blue Dot Studio this weekend, here are some scattered thoughts on the vintage lunchbox purse craze of the early '90s.

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