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This week's most ridiculous trailer: You Again

Women are catty. Every time they go out, it's like they're all like, "Girl, don't even," and then the other one's like "WTF did you just say to me?" and then they ineffectually slap each other until they comically fall into a pool. Even when women appear to be cool and collected, they're not, because as soon as their high-school arch-nemesis shows up, they're just as batshit crazy as they were then, amiright over here? At least, that's what I learned from the trailer for You Again.

Luckily for the women in You Again, there's a man around to be the voice of reason, so that the women can make up and realize they really did like each other all along, and then they learn a valuable life lesson. Then, when they grow old, they can be like Betty White, who's been playing the same role for about 20 movies and counting now! Aw, that is heartwarming.

I don't know -- maybe, as a guy, I just don't really get "chick flicks." But isn't this whole thing a little patronizing? I get that it's supposed to be a raucous romp into chickdom with a cast of colorful archetypes and everything, but more than any trailer in recent memory, this seems ultimately to be about the same egregious stereotypes of women as whacked-out bitches, incapable of carrying on a conversation with one another that's not utterly saturated with passive aggression. What do you think?