The Training Station: Where body-building lives forever in the form of awesome animated GIFs

If only we could fully surf the webs like we once did ten years ago. Things were so much simpler then, before annoying commercials for Lysol and prescription medication clogged up our Youtubes. Well, YouTube didn't even exist yet, which is still weird to think about, considering YouTubing is now a verb, an epic time-waster and the best way to feel nostalgic for things like Bonkers candy commercials and the bizarre content MTV hasn't touched in a decade.

Anyway, we're not sure if The Training Station Inc. website we found when searching the chasms of the nets for that long-lost Buns of Steel video we used to have on VHS is actually from (at least) a decade ago or not, but it looks like it. Created by Doug Walker, personal trainer and self-proclaimed "Webmaster", The Training Station Inc. lets a user learn barbell and free weight exercises simply by running his or her cursor over the almost-stick figure workout images. It is then that the animated GIFs come alive -- so be prepared to be surprised and amazed.

After further digging, it seems that The Training Station isn't just an awesome website for what were once known as body-builders; it is an actual gym in Indianapolis -- and we want to go there, so bad. Why? Because as personal trainer and webmaster Walker explains, "The Training Station has an 80's back-to-basics atmosphere, which you will see reflected in my workouts. I feel this was a time when bodybuilding & fitness weren't all about money or the "in thing", people trained hard for them selves and the love of the sport, and bodybuilders were like a family" [so much sic].

A real life place that looks like the '80s and isn't the Internet? Sign us up!

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