Womenswear Wednesdays: Selma, a paralegal, on her professional look

As the winter winds chill the Denver streets, many people are breaking out their favorite cold-weather fashions. One example is Selma, a paralegal who we spotted along the 16th Street Mall wearing furry earmuffs with a business get-up. Read here to find out her favorite color, accessory, and style mantra.

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Name: Selma, I don't care to give my last name.

Spotted at: 16th and California streets.

Profession: I'm retired, but I work as a paralegal.

Favorite film: I don't really have one.

2014 jam: I like the music of my people: jazz, rhythm and blues, and gospel. I enjoy country music as well.

Style inspirations/icons: I don't really have anyone that I look up to for fashion advice. Definitely not celebrities.

Favorite color: Pale pink.

Favorite accessory: I like all accessories. I wear earmuffs because I have to in the winter.

Style mantra: I usually say a prayer every day to ground myself and center myself for the day.

Shops at: I try not to shop here in Colorado, but more so in my hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Selma's work bag is big enough to keep documents crisp and pristine.

Selma's high heels feature grey detailing and coordinate well with her grey slacks.

Style analysis: Even though Selma wishes to remain semi-anonymous, her style is exciting and grabs attention. Her silver-and-black wide-brim hat adds a Western element to the ensemble, while her Ralph Lauren sweater and slacks keep the outfit grounded in professional territory. Her fur earmuffs, large handbag, and footwear add personality to the otherwise stiff outfit. She takes inspiration from being spiritual and centered in her life, helping her fashion. The result of Selma's street style is a fashionable pilgrim.

Always be centered in your fashion beliefs, Denver.