Fat man diving-board face plant: Your moment of lulz

Human beings are pack animals. Like lions and wolves, we separate ourselves into groups and vie for status within them, status we achieve with feats of excellence; it's natural then, to want to show off. By doing so successfully, we show are prowess and thus are elevated within our packs. Unlike those of lions and wolves, though, our feats of strength are frequently ridiculous.

Much of the time, we're just not quite thinking things through. In the case of this fat man trying to execute... uh... something, one suspects that even he is not quite clear on the ideal outcome of this plan. Here's what you will not encounter in any guide to diving: "For a graceful flourish, try jumping up and down several times and flailing your arms like a panicked flightless bird."

Even before he gets flicked into the pool like a pea from a fork, the ridiculousness has irrevocably set in -- it's probably not what he wanted to do, but if you think about it, this was pretty much the only way this dive was going to succeed.