Browser game pick of the week: Morplee

We know the deal: You're looking for ways to waste time at work, and we're here to help you waste it. Hence, Browser game of the week, where we'll comb the depths of the Flash game vortex and pick different games for you to waste away your Wednesday with. We'll do our best to feature a wide variety of picks, from click happy puzzlers to artsy showboating. Our pick this week goes to Morplee, a game you can technically finish in 60 seconds.

Of course, that doesn't mean you will finish it. Morplee tasks you with finishing a mass of miniature puzzles. If you've played a WarioWare game in your lifetime you get the gist here: tiny micro games inside of a larger construct. Seems simple enough right? Nope.

We might just be a little dumb when it comes to logic, but these puzzles wracked our brain to the extreme. They aren't hard really; most involve lots of quick mouse clicks or incredibly simple math, but that doesn't mean we could finish them quick enough. The worst thing about Morplee isn't that it's complicated -- it's that it's addictive as all hell.

Since you're given 60 seconds to complete the challenges set before you, that amounts to about three seconds per puzzle, all while you have to keep clicking on the aliens on the side to make sure they don't kill you. It took us a couple of tries to figure out that you could kill the aliens, so consider that a pro-tip -- it's the only real advice we have anyway.

Be wary of the clock once you click on the link -- not the in-game clock, which counts down from 60 seconds, but of the real world clock, which you'll inevitably miss as it passes the half hour mark.

Play it here.