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Preview: Meet the Miss Modernism contestants!

If the success of the Denver Modernism Show is any indication, Denver loves mid-century Modernism and its ruling principles of clean lines and futuristic thinking. All across the front range, we're suddenly frozen in the headlights of Mad Men and all that rad retro style that comes with it, and that's why the time is right for the Modernism show's first Miss Modernism Pageant. All week long, we'll be introducing you to some of the lovely ladies who will be strutting their retro stuff on Friday night at the National Western Complex.

See two more after the jump, and let us know what you think.

Contestant # 5: Tish Gance: "After painstakingly decorating the house with pole lamps, Salterini, Russell Woodard, Saarinen, HeyWake, melamine, formica and the like, there's only one thing I need to finish off my Atomic Ranch, and that's a Miss Modernism crown!"

Contestant # 6: Chanda Thomsen: "I want to be Miss Modernism because I have a deep passion for all things retro, but a special affinity for all things from the 1960s. I have my home decorated like a cross between The Brady Bunch and A Clockwork Orange, and I think all women should shop for groceries in go-go boots. The linear artwork and simple geometric patterns both in art and fashion of this time period symbolize not just aesthetics but the true zeitgeist of modernism. It is this simplification in fashion and art that I want the world to never forget -- it makes our lives more entertaining and beautiful."