Mary Wohl Haan dances in the streets again, and this time she's bringing her friends with her

Last fall, Boulder dancer Mary Wohl Haan took to the Pearl Street Mall at noon every day for a month of ten-minute solo performances, which she documented on her website. All in all, the project had its ups and downs, but none of the latter could keep her from wanting to improve upon the core idea. So, beginning tomorrow at noon, she'll be back on the mall, but now with an ensemble of twelve dancers, to dance for twelve minutes every day through August 28, in cahoots with the Boulder Fringe Festival. In a way, Wohl Haan admits, she's made it more difficult by adding additional dancers. But she has confidence in them, too: "When we finally went to the mall yesterday to rehearse, it was so much fun to be outside, and I think they realized that, too. It's so free - we all know how to move, we know how to dance, but I made it all very rhapsodic. After being on the mall, a number of the dancers commented on how it really felt like life. It has that kind of organic feel to it." And unlike her solo journeys of last October, this new one with lots of dancers making a spectacle together can't help but attract some attention.

We followed her then, and we'll follow her now; check Show and Tell for updates. Or, if you'd rather watch in person, Wohl Haan and troupe will be dancing their way through Haan Dances 12 @ 12 daily at noon on the dot in front of the Boulder County Courthouse at 13th and Pearl streets; viewers are encouraged to wear sunscreen and bring cameras. Visit the website for more information.

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