Colorado Symphony gets in the game with OhHeckYeah

Game on! This summer two blocks of downtown Denver will be transformed into a massive, immersive street arcade. Brian Corrigan, the brains behind OhHeckYeah, has been working on the project for a couple of years, and this morning it took a big step forward when he teamed up with the Colorado Symphony in Boettcher Concert Hall and composer, William Hill, to record original sound effects for the video games.

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"It just seemed like a natural fit," explains Corrigan, noting that the symphony "is in the theater district and we needed that musical component -- and they are our neighbors."

The sounds the symphony recorded are open source, so that people can remix and remake them, creating their own original sound track for games where anyone with a smart phone can become a player.

"They're all very fun games that are easy to play," says Corrigan. "We don't want a huge learning curve with them. The games are really intended to get people to play with each other. The idea of the arcade is really to use the power of play to connect people on the street. The more connected we are as a community, the more resilient we are. We connect people into economic opportunity; it makes the street safer. All of the games embody this very fun thing that makes people want to play them."

The funding that's making this project possible has come from numerous organizations, including ArtPlace America, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, Downtown Denver Partnership, Denver Theatre District, Denver Arts and Venues and In-Kind. OhHeckYeah still is looking for another $100,000, which they plan on receiving through grants and corporate sponsorships.

OhHeckYeah will take over Champa between 14th and 16th streets every Thursday and Saturday, from 7-11 p.m., from June 7 through July 26 this summer. The street will be filled with LED screens and projections, and people can join in the games as they walk by -- free of charge.

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