Under the Gunn recap: Marvel comics challenge

On last week's Under the Gunn, the five remaining designers were paired with a "real women" with real fashion issues, and asked to create a design to meet their needs. Lots of drama ensued -- between the designers and their clients, between the designers and their mentors -- and in the end, Shan won both the challenge and $5,000, as well as well as an additional $1,000 from Benefit cosmetics for his quick-fix solution. The judges gave Oscar, Asha and Sam a safe pass to return the sewing room; Blake was sent home.

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When last night's episode started, mentros Anya and Nick were down to one designer and Mondo, the Denver designer, had two contenders left in the completion. If either Nick or Anya's charge was to lose the challenge, that team would be out.

The challenge for this round was to create a look inspired by a Marvel comic-book hero -- with thirty minutes to sketch and two days to produce the design.

Sam struggled as he revealed that he'd been bullied during his childhood and attempted to commit suicide, experiences that left him feeling worthless and questioning his ability to move on in the challenge. Mentor Mondo advised him to take his emotions and use them to create his design.

Shan also struggled with his concept and looked for help from, Anya who told him to push himself forward and not to worry that this was the last challenge before the finale. Oscar was still reeling over criticism from the last challenge; Nick advised him to continue working outside the box but treat the challenge as if he were creating a gown. Asha was advised by Mondo to focus on her construction and to be careful with her fabric choices.

The guest judge for this challenge was actress Jamie Alexander, one of the stars of the movie Thor: Dark World.

And the judges' opinions were all over the map. Oscar's look was described as being too much like a costume, but still won praise. Shan's dress, on the other hand, was labeled "model gladiator," sexy cool and edgy; the judges loved the versatility of the leather overlay that could be removed from the bottom of the dress.

Asha was praised for the movement of her chiffon top, but the judges said it was missing an edge. Sam's design was described as mundane, but also lauded for its edginess.

After a spirited debate, the judges decided to send Oscar and Shan to the finale, but had some trouble deciding whether to send Sam or Asha home. So they decided to send Asha and Sam to the finale, too.

Next week will be the grand finale of Under the Gunn, when each designer has to create a full fashion line.