Colorado Creatives

100 Colorado Creatives: Reflections on an arts journalist's year well-spent

I've been at Westword for a long time, and during that two-decade stretch, my job description has changed and morphed. But in the present, I'm enjoying a renaissance of pure, unabashed fandom. This professional pastime reached a pinnacle for me in 2013 as I curated the 100 Colorado Creatives blog series, which gave me a chance to showcase a diverse milieu of artists and creatives in all disciplines, people whose fascinating and kaleidoscopic replies to similar questions have kept me -- and, I hope, my constituents -- intellectually satisfied and appreciative of what Denver has to offer. And it's also been interesting at year-end to look back on all of those strong personalities and creative thinkers -- read on for a sampler.

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[jump] One potentially negative question -- "What's one art trend you want to see die this year?"  --  managed to elicit some pretty positive answers, like this one from artist Donald Fodness: "I will flip this in a way that implies my answer by focusing on the inverse. I want to see an emergent trend in works that impress; perhaps in skill, scale, innovation, vision or a range of other possibilities. I want to see art that really impacts me, asks me to investigate closely and spend time with it, and that sticks with me. There is no formula to what I find impressive. I can be impressed by simple gestures, ephemeral works or even the raw. It could be minimal and well considered, rough and highly intense, an entire portfolio, or a specific moment within a single piece." Continue reading for more on 100 Colorado Creatives.