Womenswear Wednesdays: Breanna Cope on her mod, striped look

Although rain is splashing down on us this week, many people are still prepared to take fashion risks. One such risk-taker is Breanna Cope, spotted in Englewood rocking muted blacks and grays with a pop of color in the form of her red hair. Read on to learn why she is her own fashion icon, and to find out her favorite accessory and style mantra.

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Name: Breanna Cope.

Profession: I work at Tuesday Morning; it's a discount department store. I'm not too sure what I'd like to have as my profession yet, though.

Spotted at: South Bannock and Hampden streets.

Favorite film: The Labyrinth.

2013 jam: "Missed Calls" by Mac Miller.

Style inspirations/icons: I don't normally look to anyone for style inspiration. I try to be myself, and be unique.

Favorite color: Pink. I used to have pink and blue hair.

Favorite accessory: My gauges.

Style mantra: I'm afraid that people are going to judge me, so I tell myself I don't care what people think. There are plenty of other people out there who take bigger fashion risks than me, so that humbles me.

Shops at: Ross, right here in Englewood.

Of her favorite accessory, Cope says, "I'm tapering my gauges to go bigger. Right now I'm at 5/8ths, I'm going to 3/4ths, though. I try to taper with tape so I don't rip my ears."

A Denver native, Cope has some fashion advice for local females: " I don't think that girls should expose so much. There is a way to remain sexy and conservative," she says.

Style analysis: Cope shows how to make large stripes work in tandem with splashes of color: her rainbow-butterfly printed purse and her flame-like locks. She inspires herself to be unique and is still searching for her calling, rebuking judgment in the process.

When in comes to fashion, Denver, always ignore judgmental society's opinion.