Golf cart crash: Your moment of lulz

It's often been observed that golf is a game for people who hate themselves. The object of it is to hit a tiny ball into a tiny hole an absurd distance away, and the standards are defined in such a way that even professional players hardly exceed them -- even after years of playing, most normal people can't hit par over nine holes, meaning almost everybody is destined for failure. Still, most people manage not to fail as hard as this guy.

Yep, just another day on the links, wearing one white glove and learning some obscure rule involving pointing a tee in a certain way -- guaranteed the ensuing golf-cart malfunction will be the most exciting thing that happens all day. The best part, though, is the reaction of the guy in the pink shirt: "Welp, see you guys late... oh, I guess I'll go look." It's comforting to know, at least, that even in the etiquette-heavy world of golf, the first thing we do when something unfortunate happens is laugh at the poor schmuck on the receiving end. Fore!

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