The Snowbull: Gear you want but don't need

The Austrian-made Snowbull merges sledding and skiing with...wait for it...a sled on skis.

The sled is basically a cozy seat mounted atop a pair of Atomics, making for an easily luggable weight of 13 pounds. Steering is accomplished by pushing your foot against the pedal on the front of your turning ski and lean into the turn and presto! A ski turn on a sled.

To brake -- and you will need to brake -- you simply lean back and a blade under the seat digs into the snow.

The company's founder hopes that the Snowbull emerges as a popular alternative to snowboarding and skiing, but he's got his work cut out for him: The Snowbull hasn't made much of an impact stateside as of yet: The website is German-only and it doesn't appear that the company has any U.S. retailers as of yet.

Snowbulls, however, are available on eBay with prices starting around €150 -- about $200 unless Greece drags the EU down with it -- and going up to €259 ($350).

Here's a demo video: