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The Revenant's writer-director D. Kerry Prior on how going back to undead basics made his movie work

In The Revenant, a soldier dies in Iraq, only to awaken back home as a member of the living dead. But this particular undead guy isn't quite a vampire, and he isn't quite a zombie -- he's a revenant, a restless spirit returned in corporeal form. From that relatively straightforward premise, and a heaping dose of pitch-black comedy, writer-director D. Kerry Prior constructs one of the most original and impressive horror-comedies in years. Denverites had the chance to see it back in 2009, when it screened as part of the Starz Denver Film Festival, but if you missed it then, you were out of luck -- until now. After three years, The Revenant is finally getting a proper release, and it opens at the Denver FilmCenter/Colfax Friday, August 31. Before it does, we caught up with Prior to talk about the movie's long road to theaters, why he chose such an unusual monster and what his next project will be.

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