Take that, Twilight! Colorado's fangiest fiction writers sharpen their stakes

Stephenie Meyers' bestselling Twilight books and the blockbuster films they've inspired are all the rage these days, among a certain segment of our suck-susceptible citizenry, but she's by no means cornered the bloodthirsty market. Stick a stake in me: It seems vampire literature is immortal, after all. Or at least... undead.

If anything, Twilight has helped bring new readers to other vampy authors looking to sink their teeth in, including enough Colorado writers to facilitate an entire special session on the topic at this weekend's Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair.

Tomorrow at 3pm the Rocky Mountain Antiquarian Booksellers Association is bringing a brood of the battiest suckiest best local vampire novelists and other experts together at the Denver Merchandise Mart Expo for a special symposium: From Stoker to Stephenie: Evolution of the Literary Vampire.

Sharpen your pencils.