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Terror on the chairlift: Frozen trailer

It's a sure sign that Hollywood has truly run out of ideas when they start mining ski culture for not one but two upcoming movies. Last week, Chris Outcalt showed you the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine, which actually has the potential to be 1) funny and 2) the best hot tub time machine movie of all time.

But based on the looks of the upcoming horror film Frozen, it seems they've schussed the shark (you're welcome) before they've even started. In Frozen, three "crazy" "snowboarding" "teens" find themselves stranded...overnight...ON A CHAIRLIFT! It has to be seen to be believed:

Now it's true that most skiers can probably relate to the terror of being on a chairlift--for me, it was when I was four years old. But anybody with even the most remote sense of ski experience knows that 1) this could never happen, and 2) they wouldn't be all that scared if it did.

This is sort of what your Aunt Mabel from Des Moines thinks happens out West: "Oh, gaaawsh, honey, I can't believe those crazy things you do in Coloraaaado! Keystone? That just sounds scary!"

The best part is imagining the Hollywood executive brainstorm session that might've led to this film.

Exec 1: "OK, people--we need terror, and it's gotta be on the cheap. Y'know, do it like the Blair Witch Project, where it's one place, and they're surrounded by danger everywhere...but it's mostly in their mind."

Exec 2: "Sharks! In open water!"

Exec 1: "Nah, it's been done."

Exec 3: "Grizzlies--in Alaska!"

Exec 1: "Done, and it was real. We can't top that."

Exec 4: "Chairlifts! On a ski hill!"

Exec 1: "Damon...stop digging, you hit GOLD! Think we can get the kid who played Ice Man to do it?"