Settle bragging rights, find lost kids with new GPS trackers

Saw this story in the Sky-Hi Daily News about these nifty GPS units available for about $20 a day for rent at Winter Park. Dubbed flaiks (and made by the Boulder company of the same name), the gadgets can be tracked in real-time, so the user's location can be pinpointed on the Web by boarding buddies and worried parents alike. Not only do they track your position, these little babies also record it, so you can prove how fast you went if anybody wants to call you out at the bar after the lifts close.

From the Sky-Hi Daily News story:

Once on the slopes, a white light confirms that your movements are being tracked. That's about it.

The fun begins when you get home. After 4 p.m., all the information about your day becomes available online. Just log on, and you can see every run you made. You can trace your route on a map, see how fast you went, how many vertical feet you skied and how many miles you traveled.

That information is saved under your screen name for perpetuity, as a memento of your day. If you rent flaik (yes, it's lower case) at a different mountain, that information is also collected under your screen name.
Launched in February, flaiks are also available for rent at Steamboat, Copper, and several other resorts in North America.