Sick day? 16 inches at Winter Park, just what the doctor ordered

If you're looking around your cubicle this morning and noticing that an unusual number of your colleagues have called in sick, you might want to check the ski report: The light dusting we got down here in Denver (I woke up to the sound of my neighbor sweeping her sidewalk) went big in the mountains, especially at Winter Park, where they're reporting 16 inches in the last 24 hours.

Or, as the front page of SkiWinterPark.com subtly puts it this morning: "WE'RE GETTING HAMMERED!"

There's still time to come up with (or come down with) something! Cough, cough.

After Winter Park, Loveland's your next best bet for freshies, with 11 inches. A-Basin got 7 inches, and most of the other areas close to town got about 5 and counting. There's snow in the forecast at just about every resort in Colorado this week, so you might want to do a quick audit of how many sick days you have left. Just sayin'.