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Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer co-director Richard Taylor on bringing a Troma-esque sensibility to Denver film

Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer, the debut feature film from Bizjack FlemCo, features zombies, bowling and a seriously weird twist, all wrapped up in a gore-splattered, over-the-top sensibility that should be familiar to fans of Troma. The locally made film will get its proper Denver debut at the Denver Indie Fest (tonight at 9 p.m. at Su Teatro), with most of the cast and crew on hand to introduce the film and answer questions. In advance of that, we caught up with Richard Taylor, who co-wrote the film with Zack Beins and Tim Johnson and co-directed with Beins, to talk about the movie's long road to the screen, its screwy sensibilities and what it was like working with Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman.

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