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Reader: Denver has great free options, including free day at the Denver Art Museum

The comments keep coming about the disgruntled fellow who moved to Denver in July and doesn't like it: "It is very Yuppified and tries to be all in the now, when it is really stuck somewhere in the 90's and is about as fake as a city as a city can be."

Even worse, he says, it has "no culture."

But Shannon begs to differ:

I've lived in multiple states and in multiple cities within those states and I've lived in CO on/off since 1991. While living in CO, I have had the pleasure to live in Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Denver (Bear Valley) and now Capitol Hill. I have never paid high rent and have always loved my neighbors and the people I've met. I've never made over 40k and been able to live pretty comfortably because there are so many free options available year round for anyone to enjoy, including free days at the museums, zoo, etc. This guy is clearly delusional in his perceptions and he will not be missed.

There's a bonus free day at the Denver Art Museum on Saturday, September 8! What's your favorite free activity in Denver? Post it below.