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The Denver Modernism Show: Stiff piña coladas, the space age and a new Miss Modernism

Here's why the Denver Modernism Show is so appealing: The mid-twentieth-century culture it so joyfully upholds was clearly the culture of the future, all shiny and new and space-age, the product of new technologies and post-war optimism. Here in the future, where things seem much bleaker, the elan of mid-century design buoys us up out of our pessimism. For some who visit the show each year, it's a step back in time, celebrating the stuff they grew up with; for others, it's a stylistic look at the treasures of the modern imagination. Plus, it all just looks so cool.

Forthwith, we present a recap of the 2011 show's blast-off on Friday night at the National Western Expo Hall.