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Five fantastic horror Western films, in honor of Near Dark

The Western is dead. For years, even decades, the Western genre has been a wasteland, with few new films coming out and even fewer hits. Luckily, horror fans know what to do with dead things: make them undead, so they can stand up again and start biting faces and murdering salacious teens. In fact, horror and Westerns have a long, if largely unimpressive, conjoined history dating back to the '50s. Most of those films are forgettable, at best, but across the years there have been a handful of solid contenders as well as a few true classics to emerge from this genre-bending exercise. One of the best of those, Kathryn Bigelow's Near Dark, is showing Tuesday, August 6 at Crash 45 as part of Theresa Mercado's Cruel Summer film series. In honor of the event, we've rounded up a few more favorite examples of this mash-up of creature feature and cowboys.

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