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Reader: Jeffrey Ross's joke crossed the line, but people need to lighten up

Comic Jeffrey Ross joked about the Aurora shooting during a Comedy Central roast of former Denverite Roseanne Barr -- and then hurried to explain his comparison of Seth Green to James Holmes.

"That is what the roasts are about," he said. "That's what Roseanne is about -- unapologetic comedy. If I had held back, I would have done her a disservice.

"I think that this particular roast -- in these particular times we are in -- it is important to exercise freedom of speech," he continued. "Comedians are apologizing a lot. I am not saying that is right or wrong. But it scares me when I start second guessing myself. So I wanted to put it out there and remind people what America is about -- and on some level, what the roasts are about."

Is that what roasts are about? Is that what comedy is about? Says PhatCheddar:

Although he crossed the line with the joke, I think people should lighten up. I pray for the victims, and this was a tragic event, but calm down. The first joke was stupid, but the follow up joke was actually pretty funny. I'd expect an apology from a comedian for racist slurs, actual threats, etc., but not this. Just air it and let him be an a$$hole for the joke to you, i would have said "oohhh" too, but only after i shook my head laughing.

Is it possible to make comedy out of tragedy? Can comics joke about the Aurora shootings? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way under our original Jeffrey Ross post here.