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Reader: With Blinky's death, a part of Denver's history passed

The sad news came down this week: Blinky is gone. Russell Scott, aka Blinky the Clown, spent more than three decades on Denver TV, where he hosted Blinky's Fun Club, a Channel 2 kiddie program, for 33 years -- until the plug was pulled in 1998.

Blinky died Monday at the age of 91, but left behind many, many memories.

Says Joshua:

As a child, every weekday morning started with Blinky. Denver TV has not been the same without him these last 15 years or so. It's a shame that his kind of television is something that today's kids will never know. A part of Denver's history passed.

Read more about Blinky -- and see him in action -- on this Latest Word piece. And then post your own memories of Blinky below.