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Gorinto rethinks the musical instrument at the Mercury Cafe Wednesday

Gorinto, the Mercury Cafe's occasional music, food and whatever Wednesday evening get-together, continues to reinvent itself. This week, it will transform into a showcase of homemade and found-object musical instruments featuring a revolving parade of local folks who toy -- sometimes literally -- with the definition of what we use to make music.

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Expect the reach to be astounding, too: Examples range from the ensemble ANIMAL/object's more recognizable homemade stick bass and cello to Dave Britton's credit-card machine (with help from the Conrad Kehn String Quartet) and Jacob DeRaadt's "amplified piece of metal." All the musicians will join together at the end of the night in a big, strange jam; Charles De Graaf (homemade terrarium) and Charles Ballas (circuit bent telephone, gameboy and various circuit bent toys) will also contribute video. And on the sidelines, shop art and holiday wares from Todd Ayers, Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, Katy Zimmerman and the nonprofit Mission Supports.

Gorinto begins a 8 p.m. Wednesday, December 19, at the Mercury Cafe; admission is $5 and, if you opt for the vegetarian food served on the side, $5 more. For information call the Merc, 303-294-9258.

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