A new NBA Jam and a remastered Metropolis top our pick for this week, November 16, 2010

Are you starting to get nervous about the holidays yet? They're just around the corner and shopping season kicks off in a week. Perhaps you're worried you won't know what to pick up for that estranged uncle that inexplicably sent you a gift last year, or maybe you have a little brother that loves video games but you don't know what to get him that won't be violent. We have answers to both of these nefarious riddles this week, especially if you have a hip uncle that's really into Jay-Z or old silent science-fiction films. 5. Luka and the Fire of Life, by Salman Rushdie Salman Rushdie doesn't have much trouble selling books, but a new release from the great author is still notable. Actually, this release is incredibly noteworthy, because it's inspired by video games. We're not joking: The main character, Luka stores up extra lives, levels up and fights boss characters. It's young adult-fiction when it boils down to it, and it's got a little more heart and a lot more playfulness in it than is usually associated with Rushdie. If you're a young adult at heart you'll find plenty to enjoy here. 4. Rockateer Complete Collection You might discount the Rockateer comics because of the less-than-fantastic movie that was released back in the early '90s, but the source material is truly one of a kind. Dave Stevens artwork is by-and-large some of the most interesting of the entire generation, which, considering the story is nothing special, is the main draw to this one. Collected inside this deluxe hardcover edition are tons of sketches and never-before seen artwork, the perfect collection for fans of the series. It's got a big ass price tag on it, but it's sure to be one of the best -- and nerdiest -- coffee table books available. 3. Decoded, by Jay-Z Jay-Z is 40 years old now, which by our count means he's allowed to release a memoir. Decoded is just that, detailing Jay-Z's life from his roots in a Brooklyn housing project to his recent success. He's had a remarkably interesting life, and throughout the book, he covers everything from his hip-hop collaborations with some of the most notable rappers of all time to his day-to-day life. It's also a collection of lyrics and their meanings, with Jay-Z breaking down exactly what he was thinking about when he wrote them. 2. NBA Jam (Xbox 360, PS3) If you didn't grow up going to arcades and playing NBA Jam, then you missed out on one of the best multiplayer games of all time. It was a staple for arcades across the land, causing millions of children to go on near-religious journey's with a pocketful of quarters to the nearest arcade to hear eponymous lines like, "He's on fire!," and "Sham-lama-ding dong!" The game is perfect for people of all ages and with four-player games it's also the perfect companion to a drinking night with old college buddies. 1. The Complete Metropolis (DVD, Blu-Ray) Metropolis is easily one of the greatest classic films of all time, and it has inspired countless science fiction films over the years since its original release in 1927. This newly remastered edition is the same one that was in theaters a few months ago, and it's absolutely beautiful. On top of the remastering, there is also a bounty of restored footage and bonus footage. It's a sublime representation of a film that inspired an entire genre. If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to pick up this remastered edition.